Been loving scrolling my Facebook feed lately and stumbling upon artist Fernando Samalot's, @SimoneBirch, art work. Especially now, that he and his partner in life and creativity, Bárbara Cruz, have been on a one-year adventure around Puerto Rico in support of a photography and video project called #OneIslandOneJourney. Part of the project is a collection of short films consisting of nature scenes of different cities of the‬ island‬. Besides being a creative couple of visual arts and music composition, they are behind the environmental and educational initiative La Tribu Contribuye, that organizes cleanups of rivers and beaches around the island, and post beautiful handmade artisanal anti-littering signs in the areas. Their pictures of the cleanups grasp the spirit of the beautiful scenic surroundings, as well as the enthusiasm for leaving Atabey (mother earth) looking better than how they found it. They also conduct environmental workshops and talks. Their creative love for each other and nature documented through artistic expression is truly magical and inspirational. I'm swooned. Check their work out!  

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