On my holiday vacation had lunch at this colorful street in Old San Juan...

at this tapas restaurant:

...that reminded me I should make a blog about tapas, and my favorite tapas spots in Berkeley and San Francisco while I'm at it.

This one was a perfect outdoor experience because it was centrally located between the sea and El Castillo de San Cristobal. I wasn't there for the live Flamenco, but I'm told it gets even better with the music at night. I bet it's a hot spot for people stopping on cruises because it's near the port. So it may be a good idea to make reservations.

For those not foodies like me, Tapas are traditional Spanish appetizers or small finger food dishes. They are usually served to compliment good artisan cheeses, chorizo, olives and wine.

Here in Berkeley I have Fonda, Barlata, and I'm thrilled to have César a few blocks from my flat at 1515 Shatuck, which serves a mad paella and a good variety of artisan breads and cheeses. If you don't live near by nor are planning a trip to Berkeley, you can buy their book and make your own tapas a la César at home.

I'll continue to add my faves in San Fran with more time...
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