San Francisco Zine Fest

Today was interesting. Read lots of fun independent zines, looked at a lot of illustration, met writers/craftsmen, and got so many little curiosities. I'm a full-bucket of inspiration ready to make make make. I can't go to these DYS fests without going totally coo coo. I mean, these are one-of-a-kind straight from the nugget hand-packaged goodies that I'll probably never see again, so I want to take them ALL home. Kidding, ALL of the ones I like. There were a few zines from Berkeley, SF, Nevada, Portland, Seattle and Chicago that I particularly favored. Plus great workshops on making gadget cases, bookbinding, screenprinting, artistic time management etc.

*Georgie + Tnobias from Chicago. Aside crafting some clever zines, sometimes packaged inside recycled baby food bottles and submerged around objects she found on the street, she also updated me on the Chi-town scene and knew all the spots I use to hang-out at when I lived there. Extra cudos for insight and friendliness.

*Brooke Appler, from Berkeley, CA. She makes cool nature illustration for  Oakland Museum events.
You'll find all kinds of urban subcultural stereotypical specimens at these events, it can be interesting.

*Jennifer Parks from Portland, OR

*Shayna Yates

*Patron Saint of Screw-ups. That name cracks me up, and so does the band-aids on her covers. It reads as if she has lots to write about.
And the special guest speaker spotlight was the Hamburger Eyes 10 year, which was rad. I've admired their americana photography since I moved to the bay six years ago. It was fun to hear them speak about their photographic style, life, and the messes they've gotten themselves into for their art.

Here's a little documentary on them:

Now off to read new stories, find a home for all the stuff I got, and make make make. Bonne nuit mon amores.

Notes and things I overheard or learned: At the Hamburger Eyes talk someone commented that there are actual laws in Germany that limit the ability of photographing in public spaces, making social/cultural visual documentation a challenge and limiting artists.
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