Smells Like Psychic Spirit

A few years back I had a "make ends meet" day job for which I had to train on the history of perfume. Ever since then I added perfumer to my (now getting ridiculously long) things to study before I die list. 

Today I stumbled across this Huffington Post slide show on San Francisco based perfume artisans that create unique scents, and amongst them there is a well-known local perfumer who is also a clairvoyant, reiki expert, aura reader and aromachologist that creates custom scents energetically aligned to each client's vibration. I wonder how mine would smell and if I'd like it.

You would think that after living in Berkeley for so long I would by now be getting tired of all the seemingly "hocus pocus," but the truth is that since I've lived here I've learned so much about the healing powers of herbs, oils and good food; and so much more about preventative and alternative medicine. In the 5 years I've lived in Berkeley I've only gotten sick maybe three times and it has either been a minor cold or allergies. One of those times was the worse and it was last year, when I spent most of the summer and part of the fall with yucky haunting allergies that made my eyes red and watery along on and off sneezing episodes. It was driving me nuts! After trying every over the counter medicine/allergy remedy, I finally gave up and went to the MD, and he told me I needed to get tested for all allergens to tailor a monthly allergy shot for me. Just before starting what seemed like a very long process, a nice Berkeley lady I ran into at my favorite bookstore recommended me to go to her acupuncturist, who is also a Chinese doctor and owns his own herbal pharmacy here. Anyway, I went in with allergies, he performed one acupuncture session and made me a custom blend of herbs, and in TWO days the 4-month-long allergen nuance was completely gone, and my eyes were clear and shiny again. I even bought his book about the art of Chinese medicine, and gave a copy to my mom. So really, why not? Maybe a pleasant familiar scent and a little bit of faith is just what you need.
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