A Little House in the Big Woods

The late craftsman J.B. Blunk built his Marin County cabin by hand: a holistic expression of an artistic life.

IN THE SLEEPY Marin County town of Inverness, on a remote wooded ridge that overlooks the wide blue sweep of the Tomales Bay, sits a modest, low-slung redwood cabin that the late multidisciplinary artist-craftsman J.B. Blunk built entirely by hand. Continue Reading...

A totemic sculpture by Blunk in the corner of the master bedroom.

Weavings by Christine Nielson adorn simple daybeds in the living room.

The bathroom with a sink carved from a single block of cypress.

California Craft meets Japanese Minimalism in the cabin that the sculptor J.B. Blunk built in Marin County. Here, a view of the house overlooking the Tomales Bay and Inverness Ridge.

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