Invitation To Self Love

Some of us are lucky to be celebrating this Valentine’s holiday with the beings we love.
While others may be feeling lonesome. 
❤️️  But lets not forget the root source of our love – ourselves. ❤️️ 
Here is an invitation for all of you – with love – from yours truly “cupid” 😉 .


"If you have experienced oppression, if you have been historically oppressed, then your love for yourself is your revolution. If you have been historically an oppressor, then your love for yourself and everyone else – especially – is a revolution. I don’t think that we can go forth and overcome what's wrong with the world, or reach reconciliations, if we are still fighting internalized messages of self-deprecation. And so to me that’s the first step. Imagine all that we can do if we are first comfortable in our own skin."
~Amandla Stenberg

To: You

From: Cupid

This is an invitation to self love. 

You are invited to love yourself so deeply, take such good care of yourself, that others can see how deeply you deserve to be loved. 

Especially to love the not so likable parts, even at times when you don’t feel loved so much by others.

Self love is not about being selfish, but exactly the opposite. It’s about taking good care of ourselves so that we can offer the best us to the world.

As cliché as the saying “you have to love yourself first before you can deeply love others” sounds, it makes sense that the more things we accept and learn to love in ourselves – the better we feel in our skins, perfect or not – the more things we’ll accept and learn to love in others.

Learning to love ourselves deeply is powerful medicine for the world.

Life is too short and too miraculous to spend it hating – ourselves or others.

The same way we are capable of learning to take care of different species of plants in our gardens or inside our homes, and helping them thrive and bloom beautifully, that same way we can study and learn to care for different parts of ourselves adequately – body, mind, energy, and spirit. 

It is when we realize through self-study the miracle of our existence, and understand the responsibility we each have to take good care of ourselves – when we are full of ourselves, overflowing with self-nourishment, inner peace, inner love – that we, in turn, are able to compassionately and healthfully care, collaborate with, and love our sisters, brothers, and other nature with whom we share our bountiful planet.

It takes courage and commitment. But we should make practices of self care and self love a part of our everyday ritual. Those daily commitments to ourselves are the very best way of indirectly manifesting our joy and inviting peace and flow into our lives.

Nourishing the body with healthy foods, spending time in nature, meditating, getting a massage or a facial, taking baths, practicing yoga…

Create rituals that include whatever nurturing looks like to you.

Are you ready to make the decision to love yourself unconditionally?

Are you ready to commit to daily self care rituals?

Even if it is to one thing every day?

You deserve it!

Lets help each other out by sharing our ideas of self love and self care rituals in our communities.

If you are ready to start the magical healing adventure that is loving yourself, I would love to help you. You can schedule a yoga class or healthy lifestyle coaching session via email. 

Reach out, I want to know how much self love is going on out there!
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