I am marching to protect women's rights and bodily sovereignty. I am marching to reaffirm that women's rights are human rights. I am marching for women's financial empowerment. I am marching because we haven't had a woman president yet, because the ERA hasn't been passed, because we are judged more and paid less than men with the same knowledge and skill set, and because on top of that more and more having the choice of having and raising our own children has become a struggle or a privilege of the upper class. I am marching because although women constitute the majority of the population and are the gateway into the world to everybody, we are still considered a minority in terms of rights. I am marching because I see critical connections between the domination of nature and the exploitation of women. I am marching because the president-elect, the person now in the highest public office, has bragged about sexually assaulting women, contributing to the perpetuation of the disrespect and violence being committed towards women in what has been developing into a rape culture overseen for far too long. I am marching for the right to access safe, affordable birth control and abortion; because there are sisters who are getting sexually assaulted and raped who need to have those things available to them to overcome those unfair circumstances. I am marching because it's troubling to know the president-elect and his cabinet are trying hard to dismantle services and policies aimed at helping women. I am marching because I am not going to tolerate an infringement on the rights we've fought so hard to attain and maintain. #WomensMarch #WhyIMarch
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