House From the 60s Renovated While Keeping its Soul

While I love the style of mid-century and 60s houses, the maze of the many compartments can be claustrophobic for my open space preference. So I get so excited to see a good renovation that keeps the integrity of the style. Read more...


Self Compassion Exercise


Hug It Out

"The amount of affection you express to your partner best predicts your commitment. Conversely, we found, the amount of affection you receive from your partner best predicts your satisfaction. This suggests that expressing, compared to receiving, affection accounts for different relational benefits," mentions the article Why Affection Means Everything in a Relationship.

"The above findings together suggest that affection is important in both good and troubled times. Logically, then, theorists argue that affection enhances closeness; the emerging research supports this claim.

Extending this focus, though, is the argument that affection enhances physiological functioning. As a final example of affection’s importance, consider that recent research found that increased kissing in relationships was linked to decreases in cholesterol. (Read more.) These findings just might give new meaning to the trite and satirical phrase, Hug it out."

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