Taking Root to Fly

Luci practiced for months strengthening her bones and muscles doing table, plank, superwoman and other instinctual baby poses; practicing sitting on her own. She was motivated to work hard because she wanted to participate in her human potential for movement. 

And now she gets her first glance into autonomy by learning to crawl!

She is so amazing! How exciting! 

Congrats love!

We are so amazing! 

Living beings are constantly changing, constantly learning new things and applying those lessons. Adapting. We do it every day, internally and externally, consciously and unconsciously. Unlike plants, humans have the gift of movement, and with that gift comes the need of adaptation to multiple environments. Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity, is the ability of the brain to change—physically, functionally, and chemically—throughout life. It refers to changes/expansions of neural pathways and synapses due to changes in behavior, environment, neural processes, thinking, emotions, experiences...

Irene Dowd and Mabel Todd's writings help movers of all kinds understand how the body was designed to move efficiently and effortlessly when it is working within anatomical principles. It also touches on body/mind connection and on the subtle influence of unconscious intention and attention. 

"'Right' varies according to the movement goal. 'Right' is constantly changing." ~Irene Dowd 

"The mind is an instrument of thought, not a museum." ~Mabel Todd (The Thinking Body)

"We are constantly learning. Every dancer, every choreographer, every teacher--all of them have a rich inner knowledge that comes from their experience. They're all scientists, really, because they're testing ideas and bringing them into physical reality. If I don't have anatomy, then I'll have some other information that I will use just as effectively. Rather than asking if I am doing it "right" or "wrong," I can nurture an appetite for all of it. All the muscles are equally popular with me! I love all the muscles, I love all the joints, I love all the spatial dimensions, I love all the possible relationships. I must if I want to serve dance in its fullest potential." ~From the Article, Irene Dowd: teacher's wisdom in Dance Magazine, 2005

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