Yo La Tengo @ Amoeba

Hi, hi! This blog is sooo long overdue, but I'm a busy bee!

In retrospective, January 19 was one of those days that there were tons of things going on at once in the city: lots of sales at my favorite independent boutiques at the Mission district, one of my favorite undergrad years (or should I say dark ages) bands was playing, and I was having major cravings of Parada 22's tostones, so I just went on a nice city day out.  On this post I'll share some photos I took at Yo La Tengo's in-store performance at San Francisco's Amoeba. It was such a fun performance! Hundreds of fans showed-up. I'll update this post with more later. Lots to say!  

Update 3-04-13: Since it's 4:49AM this Monday and for some odd reason I woke up and can't go back to sleep, I'll take this empty moment to remind all of you readers out there that we grow. Yes, we grow like trees but definitely not steady! These past few months I've been communicating with two people from my past whom when they think of me they think of Yo La Tengo. I guess they last hung out with me while I was listening a lot to one of their albums. One even sang the specific song that reminds him of me. Their cover of country singer Connie Smith My Little Corner of the World. Although I don't particularly consider them my favorite band. I have an eclectic taste in music and don't know I could have just one favorite type of music, as music goes hand by hand with mood, time, and place to me. It's like the soundtrack to my here and now. But from time to time, again and again, their music makes my playlists because a lot of their songs are timeless and of broad universal appeal: sweet, yet current, with a touch of gentle noisy details, and most lyrics seem to be about the daily struggles of love.

They started as husband/wife duo Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley in 1984, but throughout the years have had different collaborators. For years now their third member has steadily been James McNew... ok, I'm finally getting sleepy again now, but I'm going somewhere with this, I promise....

Oh, how beautiful is this psychic city!

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