Le Poo Poo Ironique

Obviously, the Japanese company who makes these sweatshirts with my initials knows what's up...

I've always felt awkward signing my initials, and have had a hard time making a logo or anything with them. Because the irony is that I'm the healthiest person I know. I rarely catch colds or anything from other people. The Bay Area's bipolar weather, allergen-full scenic trails, and the poo poo fertilized organic produce from the multitude of local Farmer's Markets has made my immune system très robuste against any illness and/or even idiots. Yeah, that's right, the insignificance of idiots passes right by me and I poo poo it. I've become such a health nut in so many levels. Besides my current work my main hobbies for a while have been learning about sustainable food, physiology, traditional diets, and nutrition. And after a long time of autodidactism on these, this year my side hobby is preparing for my Nutritionist Certification!

But being healthy means so many things. Like accepting and embracing all of you, because that that you have, even the silly stuff, others wish for. Remember, one chicken's poo is a pretty flower's fertilizer. It also means being centered, feeling grounded and protected by your own divine energy; not believing unfounded crap from uneducated ignorant people who may be jealous, or want your attention and time to feel better about themselves, or want something from you. Believe in and love yourself. Being healthy could also mean not letting bully ex boyfriends, acquaintances, or even family members and/or their idiot allies with no minds of their own string you along like they are strung themselves, making you think you are not good enough. In Miranda July's words, "Nobody Belongs Here More Than You." The very thought of your being is so amazing! So, just like I've embraced so many little things of my individuality, I've also embraced my unique name and ridiculous initials, which btw it just came to me are the abbreviation of the state of Illinois (the coolest people there know what's up too). And not to forget, the Beasty Boys also recognized how cool my initials were since a long time ago (you fans of their music know what I'm talking about). So to put an end to this passé ridiculous tiny complex, I've traded my past view on my initials to the ones on the urban dictionary:

ILL Adj. 1. Having great skills or skills with respect to a particular endeavor. "Darn, you are ill at that!" 2. Cool, tight, sweet. "that chess move was ill!" 3. Dope, cool, tight, raw, phat. "yo that recipe was so ill! 4. OFF DA' HOOK "Dat lay-out iz ILL" 5. Sweet, cool or sick "Oh my God man that design is so ill!!!"

That's right. HA!

Now some cutesy chicken designs with my initials...

Au Revour!
"I believe that health is more than merely the absence of disease. It is a total state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being." - Dr. Frank Lipman
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