My New Stationary Collection!

Have been conceptualizing ideas for a stationary collection for years. And after many many designs and ideas I decided to just launch a few already. This is the first batch of my spring collection that has been printed and packaged, and they look soooo cute in person. You may purchase them at Kid Dynamo, the Sticky Art Lab's gift shop, Collector, at the Love Your Mother{Earth} Craft Sale on April 28th at 1682 University Ave, Berkeley, CA from 4pm to 8pm, or order directly by contacting me on my website. I'll be posting some other local boutiques that will be carrying them as well. They are eco friendly, even the biodegradable cello package. I hope they make other people as happy as they make me!!!

All designs available in many color variations.


21 Balançoires (21 Swings)



This movie is so touching! OMG, guide dogs are one of my new heros! Patience, and the ability to love, care and serve are their biggest virtues. It's so amazing how this type of dog training started to help human beings who are born without the ability of eye sight. Dogs are really men's best friends. So amazing!

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