Making Natural Body Care Potions

Lately I've been in the lab getting sticky and fragrant mixing oils, plants and herbs to create completely natural body care products. I have tons of natural care books and try to purchase products from responsible companies, so naturally this was the next step– learning to make my own for ultimate purity. Although I've been concocting personal blends of "pure-fumes" with essential oils as well as other experiments here and there for a while, I'm now psyched to be studying under the more experienced and wonderful Angel Huntington who has her own beautiful line call AngelMade Eco Spa here in Berkeley. It's super fun and exciting to come up with new blends. There are infinite possibilities. So far I'm really happy with the things I've made. If you would like to try my all natural custom pure-fumes, facial cleansing grains, or essential oil shower steamers let me know, I'll blend one just for you.

and as always...
Healthy Nesting to all.
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