Michael Pollan’s Food Rules Animated in Stop-Motion


A Happy Event
How the Dutch got their Cycle Paths


Erik Johansson Talking About His Photo Montage Techniques

Great little talk by Erik Johansson about his photo montage techniques and creating moments. As a graphic designer I love photo montage myself, and creating concepts and making them come alive with my different digital design tools. But there's also something to be said about the magic of serendipity, and capturing real moments of true beauty. The camera is a magnificent tool, your imagination is the limit.


New Song

Been loving this track every time it pops up on my random play list. So fun to dance to. It's on Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album Stage Whisper.


SF Public Transport's Biofuel

Our Muni bus system of public transport in the bay area run on biodiesel. Where does it come from/ how is it made?

Amy Franceschini on Victory Gardens

Love Future Farmers...

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