Playful Living

I'm absolutely in love with the simplicity and playfulness of the decór of this apartment in Copenhagen. While not particularly fond of the paintings decorating the walls or candles, I can imagine carefully selecting family-made crafts,  kids' doodles, and mementos from events or trips; large scaling, framing, or using display artifacts to place them throughout an open white canvaesque space, and let the simplicity and slickness of carefully selected pieces of furniture shape a cool, calm and collected feel. I've always been drawn to playful design, and believe a home should be surrounded by meaningful pieces that represent the style, personality, and good memories of the people that live in it.

This flat was built in 1920 and is now owned by a young couple with three children. The overall design of the apartment is a fun mixture of Danish design and contemporary light fittings. The couple who owe it and decorated it believe that less is more and only want to be surrounded by essential things. They love Danish artwork and live surrounded by their favorite pieces.

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