The last three times I've visited the ophthalmologist the doc seems confused by how my vision is improving instead of worsening, so my prescription keeps decreasing.

When I pick a new eyeglass frame I pick one I like, and the size looks fine. Then when it comes back with the lens prescription somehow they look significantly larger. This might not seem so unusual considering the augmentation, but I try them with contacts on and I ask advice from the lady that works there. So they should look the same, right? Even the lady that told me they looked good when I bought them said, "they look big now."

Today when I went to Yogurtland I picked small portions of an assortment of fruity flavors because it was hot outside: strawberry, peach, blueberry, regular tart... and then for some reason I picked one that I thought I wasn't going to like, mango, just to diversify my palette. It ended up that mango was my favorite, and I didn't get enough of it.

Lately I'm also having a hard time picking sunglasses I like. I try them on in the store, they look really cool, and then someone takes a picture of me with them on and they don't look so cool anymore. So I'm taking pictures before I buy sunglasses now.

More and more new freckles keep showing up around my nose and cheeks.

I keep stumbling into books I get thinking they are about one thing and then they end up answering a question I've had, which is very convenient, but not being at all what I thought they would be about. Even when I read about them profusely beforehand.

I seem to have develop a special ability to communicate with toddlers. The only person that understands me right now is 16 months old.

What could all this mean?
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