Hello Tomorrow

"Have a good time saving the world. Otherwise, you are just going to depress yourself." - David Brower

Reuben Margolin sculpture

Kymberlee Koym-Murteira. Night Scrubber sculpture exposing the toxicity of the ingredients of the products at her local 99¢ store.

Michael Kerbow. The Refinement of the Decline. A giant machine is built to clean up the environment. But as it functions, it pollutes, causing as much harm as good. Do we tend to solve our problems with solutions that ultimately create new problems?

Had a great day enjoying the sun outdoors. Before heading to San Francisco went to Cancún for lunch, and on my way out noticed a Reuben Margolin sculpture at the Hazel Wolf Gallery.

Was also given a tour of the David Brower Center facilities for non profits. If your non-profit needs a place to gather in Berkeley, this is the place. They have a really nice theater and various conference rooms available for the use of non-profit organizations. It's also located on top of one of my favorite local restaurants Gather.

Had an interesting day in the city too. Started seeing signage for the 2013 America's Cup being held here in SF, which is exciting; bought a new cute fall jacket; checked-out some really cool European vintage style bikes; gathered with tourists to watch the break dancers on Powell by the trolleys; went to the new farmer's market at the plaza by Montgomery; and caught a yoga class at the gym at the Embarcadero. And finally, headed back home to Berkeley before sunset and went grocery shopping at the Berkeley Bowl.

Although an ordinary day, I was a little bit happier than usual for some reason. Maybe I woke up on the right side of the bed. Maybe I'm happy my mom is visiting tomorrow. Maybe it was that out of the blue three guys said nice things to me today and I felt flattered. Or maybe I felt good to notice someone I know has extraordinary beautiful eyes. Either way, it was a good one.
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