Watched Limitless with my uncle while on phase one of my summer vacation, which I spent visiting my family in the tropics. Really liked it, although I don't tend to gravitate towards action films. Even though I live in Berkeley and fit the stereotype don't watch much TV, I do love films. And now I'm suddenly feeling a little like I need a huge HD screen TV to watch my movies and practice some video games so that I can beat my little cousins on my next visit. It's getting a little embarrassing ; p

My father reading the newspaper.
My father has been sick and was released from the hospital as I was visiting. I like to think I brought him some SF Bay good vibes. He's not much into the advance technology culture. Give him his books, his little radio he carries around, and his little notebook where he writes stuff and he's happy. But he really likes films too, and worked as a camarographer at some point in his life, between his philosophy and political science studies. He wrote something really nice about me on his notebook, not sure if he wants me to share it, but I'll ask him next time we talk.

Anyway, going back to the film... there aren't that many action packed science fiction films that grab my interest. But imagining the possibilities of reaching 100% access of our brain's capabilities alone sure is worth the daydreaming. There's also good commentary on macho power hunger alongside the futuristic science theme. Maybe De Niro's ego got a little hurt in the movie?

P.S. If you get a hold of some of that "refined" NZT of the end of the movie please let me know, I'm so looking forward to learning languages in a day ; )
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