Ellen Rogers

At first glance you think you've stumble upon a relic from another era. It's not until your brain process' when color photography was commercialized that you realize how powerful is the ancestral iconography behind the image. Of special interest to those into manual photography alternative techniques.

Inspired by history, psychology and her subjects as muse, Ellen Rogers' photos are beautifully choreographed from model to staging/locale to post treatment. There's no question about the keen eye behind the lens and the production of these photographs, nor to the emotional connection between artist and medium.

She works along side her boyfriend, a stylist and designer that goes by the name of Prizme, whom aside helping with the choreographing, also makes short films about her photo shoots and curated a book of her photographs expected to come out by the Winter. That's what I call full circle musing.

I really enjoyed reading more about her work on these two articles she posted on the Lomography community:

Instilled with Lustre and Wonder
A Journey in the Necropolis

And I'll leave you to indulge yourself viewing more of her pictures on her website.

Correction: July 20, 2011
When I wrote the original blog post I spontaneously recalled from my memory that color photography had been commercialized in the 1930's but instead wrote invented. As a reader pointed out, the very first traces of color photo date further back, my research concluded to around the 1860s. Although unimportant to the overall point of the blog posting, which is to point out that the photos look older than they are thanks to the photographer's mastering of different techniques, it's very important for me to be accurate in the information I provide. So thanks to the reader who pointed it out. Although I accept my mistake, I will not be accepting to publish his comment because the tone of it was inappropriate, rude, as if from a blog troll, and this is a peaceful blog.
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