Behind Close Doors of Three Surrealists

A little too over acted and masculine, and too much man on man action for my personal taste. Little Ashes might be seen as a study of what happens when men rely emotionally and intellectually in other men to caress their egos too much. But if you are interested in researching the era and the movement in an art history pursuit, it's an interesting interpretation of the rumored-about relationship between Lorca, Buñuel, and Dalí when they met during their stay at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid, Spain. While watching, you should also take into account the political and religious history of Spain, as at the time artists' freedom of speech and expression were being violated by the influence of the Catholic religion over the Spanish government. These restrictions/censorship led to many artists' exiles and massive rebellion in the arts to the point of anarchism -- where the more morally radical the artist the more they were viewed as "vanguard." And although I don't doubt there was a lot of indulgence and experimentation, I also think amongst these creative intellectual "boys clubs" there was a lot of exaggeration and rumoring. Just as there is today. It's been done people! These are new, hopefully more enlightened times...

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