Living Room: Saturday Salon at SFMOMA

Just got back from the Living Room happening at SFMOMA...
and the first of the month gallery crawl in San Francisco, and both Stein's exhibits.

Both Stein exhibits (details on my previous blog entry) were a wealth of education — very interesting.

The gallery walk was a nice effort by the Yerba Buena Allience to spice up the SOMA art district, and maybe it was the stormy weather (my mood sometimes gets affected by the weather), but it was "eh," not even the wine tasting at the galleries lifted my mood. The crowd wasn't happening and none of the art work inspired me.

As far as the Living Room happening at MOMA, I think the concept of inviting artists and literati to share personal recollections of Bay Area avant-garde histories was great. But it wasn't so brilliantly executed I should say. I was a little bit underwhelmed and think perhaps they didn't have a diverse enough group to have made it even close to the experience I was expecting. But it was a good idea never the less. I think it would've been interesting to have more of whom I consider vanguard telling these stories. One person that comes to mind whom I recently saw perform at the Zellerbach Auditorium of UC Berkeley, whom I consider vanguard in the way she utilizes new multi-media in her performing arts, and who comes from the bay area scene, would be Laurie Anderson. I did enjoy the young poet Lindsey Boldt honest account of her experience with the Poetic Labor Conference; Terry Castle's quirky anti-vanguard humor amused me; and a few quotes from other artists/poets here and there I could relate to on experiencing the magic of being a creative living in the psychic San Francisco Bay Area. I wasn't too thrilled with very many of the readings either. But that was happening in the hall and I missed a lot. I've enjoyed quite a bit of good readings here in the bay though.

My favorite, and what I would call vanguard experiences here in the bay area, remain shows at art houses, private artist happenings, shows at smaller venues in Oakland and SF, and Mills college. But I guess you have to be in the in and in the know to know of those. Just like all the artists, artists' friends, and collectors that went to Gertrude Stein's Saturday salon gatherings in Paris.
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