Yarn Bombers!

If you ever wondered what those knitted ornaments that you are finding on public spaces are, you should know they are Yarn Bombs!

I started noticing them around a couple of years back in poles, bike stands, signs and other public spaces and got curious. Yes, they are beautiful. AND unexpected. But who is doing it and why?

The so-called "Yarn Bombers" are all over the place these days. But here in Berkeley, CA live a couple of talented knitters who have been knitting street installations on public spaces all around the bay area. And as it turns out, as I was coming out of the Cheese Board I stumbled upon the infamous art crew Yarn Bombing a bike stand in front of Saul's Deli at the Gourmet Ghetto.

Apparently, these days the original Yarn Bomber goes around finding spaces to "Yarn Bomb" with her apprentice whom she calls "The Russian."

Yarn Bomber said: "It’s street art, obviously. It's exciting for me to be able to make art and put it anywhere I want. In that way, it subverts the idea that art should be inside a gallery or being criticized by experts. Putting it out on the street breaks down the barriers of what art is."

So she's kinda like the Banksy of knitters?!

I asked if I could take a few pictures of them in action. They prefer to remain anonymous. So I will be respectful of their wishes and pixelate their faces, as I hope they keep knitting Berkeley up (heck, the world) for a long time.

Art installation, street decoration, whatever you wanna call it, it definitely adds up to the Berkeley-style quirk. Now even public bike stands wear colorful knitted sweaters around here.

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More yarn bombs downtown.

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