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Chiara Clemente filmed OUR CITY DREAMS over the course of two years, visiting the creative spaces of five influential women artists currently based in New York City. I haven't gotten the chance to watch it yet, but it seems very interesting and inspirational. Why do women become artists and why they choose the cities they live in.

Watched it and really loved the part about Swoon. I thought she was the artist that seemed the most honest in the documentary. Love her style, and think she's truly talented. The other artists I couldn't relate much with. Great idea for a documentary though.


The Cat Returns



Musing around I've come across many visuals that have been associated to a certain "Mori Girl" Japanese subculture I find very visually endearing. Mori means forest in Japanese, and according to several blogs covering the subculture, Mori Girls "look like fairytale forest wanderers" and "live their lives on their own terms, stopping to appreciate the little things that others overlook amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life." Very cute. I guess maybe if this was a la mode when I was younger I would've found a family in this subculture, as I guess I've always been very "mori" at heart -- even in the city. I bet when I have a daughter she'll be a mori-city girl.

Here are a few visuals I've stumble across:


Julie de Waroquier

Julie de Waroquier is a photographer from Lyon, France from whom I've stumble across a few poetic and delicately executed shots. She has mastered a lot of production techniques I love. I tend to like her personal work a lot, but her conceptual work is exceptional too. 

View more of her lovely work on her website.



Documentary about Eskimo artist Kenojuak Asheva and her printmaking co-operative.


Street Fashion Photography

I LOVE The Sartorialist and FACEHUNTER. I enjoy taking pictures of and noticing the world around me. I ask people if I can take pictures of them if there's something that interest me about the way they look. Like I need or like to catch moments and keep them. I just love the idea that these pictures are not choreographed, they are just a chance. Someone just looked great that day and Scott Schumann or Yvan Rodic happened to be there, passing by, with their camera, haha! Awesome! I've also made outfits from things I hadn't worn in ages from pictures on the sites.

Here's a mini documentary of Scott Schumann

Here's Yvan Rodic


Trees + Textures + Characters

Have been illustrating trees, experimenting with textures, and coming up with new characters...

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