Ursula Barnes

Cat and a Ball on a Waterfall, oil on canvas board
Found this piece by Ursula Barnes in the Self Taught section of the Gallery of California Art at the Oakland Museum. I'm in love with her style. It would look really good in a wall I started at my house of found art. So far I have two pieces with wooden frames that I found earlier this year that are going to be the center of the wall. I wish I would've spotted this at the Alameda Market instead of the museum. But that makes me really excited to go to the market at the end of the month to see if I can find more silly treasures to add to my wall, which I finally got around to decorate after three months of living in my new abode in downtown Berkeley. I'll only be here for another year, so that gives me the freedom to experiment and make a temporary exhibit of the silly stuff I've found in the bay.

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