Loved this movie. Between you and I, I might have shed a tear (or two) in solidarity with Juliana. I haven't watched a coming of age film that made this immediate impact on me since Little Miss Sunshine. It was directed by Rob Reiner (Stand by Me) based on the novel by Wendelin Van Draanen.


The Botany of Desire

Watch the full episode. See more Botany of Desire.

The Girl


Magic, Space, Interaction, and Play

Ernesto Neto's textile installations are so much fun!
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Folk Architecture

Found these photographs of details of the painted wooden houses, or folk architecture, of Čičmany, Slovakia. They look like gingerbread houses. I think they are very sweet. Hope to stay in one of them some day.

Photos by Franz Bauer.


Vanishing of the Bees

Update: Watch the documentary free!
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