Plant Vacation

Are you going on a vacation and need a houseplant sitter? Or do you just feel like your plants deserve a vacation? Well, the Hammer museum in LA invites you to their Cultural Retreat for Plants. Throughout August participants plants will be installed in the light flooded linbrook terrace, and presented with a series of readings, performances and musical events for plants. Plant portraiture will be provided by Lisa Anne Auerbach. And the Hammer will be providing a dedicated phone line connected to a loudspeaker should you wish to call in and speak to your plants. Think about it, if you were a plant, wouldn't you want a vacation?


Art House: Memoryhouse Secret Taping at The Sub

One of my favorite phenomenons of the bay area is the multitude of art houses home to collectives of artists and venues to the new vanguard performances for the delight of the in and in the know of the bay's underground art scene. Here I'm sharing some pictures of a secret taping of the indie (update: recently signed to Sub Pop) Canadian outfit Memoryhouse at the Sub, an art house (loft) in the Mission district.

A few of the beautiful videos they make:

Here's a new song from their new LP coming out on Sub Pop...


My Plants Shadows

Shadow of my plants

Making Toys

Making soft toys out of recyclable sweaters and scarfs...

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Ginsberg during his 1957 obscenity trial is played by the handsomest James Franco.

Click here to watch Free from your computer


Art Project

Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.



Barry McGee Installation for Reopening of the Oakland Museum

Barry McGee Installation for Reopening of the Oakland Museum of California's Gallery of California Art


New Transient Thinking Pad

So after four years living in the gorgeous hills of Berkeley I felt like I needed a little bit of movement and energy around me to find out what my next transition in life should be. And after a very difficult hunt I finally opted for convenience and took a little transient two bedroom in downtown Berkeley. Of course it lacks the rustic charm of the old house, but I can walk everywhere: two farmers markets, four movie theaters, museums, restaurants, shopping, train station, and to pretty much all of Berkeley's best neighborhoods. I'm even still pretty close to all the nature too, in case I miss it too much. I see it as a little jump forward. The stuff that I found around the bay that looked as if in its natural habitat in the house feels a little strange here, and I had to get rid of tons of stuff too. But it'll start taking shape little by little. I still want to keep the pacific coast cozy and warm feel, even in this more newer/modern space.

Here are some pics...

There's a café downstairs

Courtyards on each floor

Rooftop with bay views

This silly modern garage

Like my new sliding Japanese style doors!

Still have an extra room for an office and crafts

Long hallways

Nice size bathroom

Small but nice kitchen!


Between the Folds by Vanessa Gould

Between the Folds is a fascinating documentary directed by Vanessa Gould that chronicles ten fine artists and eccentric scientists who have dedicated their lives to the medium of paper engineering, or what they refer to as "modern origami."

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