Mills College

I'm really psyched that this past semester I had the chance to attend many activities at Mills College, meet many people there, and hang out there a lot. Mills is one of those under the radar treasures of the bay area that encourages innovative forms of all types of art: visual arts, music, letters. For those of you that don't know anything about Mills, the college has nurtured the talents of many extraordinaire avant-garde composers of our time. It's an all girls liberal arts private college undergrad level and coed for higher degrees. Out of all the art and music I've seen in the bay area and in all the major cities I've lived in or traveled to, Mills exhibits, recitals, and readings always seem to be a step forward, or at least inspired by the best or underrated and interpreted beautifully. This is a great little video I found of Harry Partch conducting a student performance of his music on his instruments at Mills College in the 50s. Gem.

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