Food Matters

Another good documentary about the importance of organics and natural foods and avoiding additives, preservatives, and processed foods.

To start avoiding food additives, Download this printable shopping guide that will help you identify some of these additives and tells you where these additives may be found. The folks at Foof Matters remind us to read labels and shop as wholesome and organic as possible. That the more whole, natural foods you eat, the better off you are.



Exit Through the Gift Shop

Update 2/28/10:
Bansky Live

Update 1/17/12:
The Antics Roadshow


John Whitney

John Whitner was an American animator, music composer and inventor, who is considered one of the fathers of computer animation.


Learning with Video Games


Rainbow House

A design firm I did some work for back in 2005 made this video for Oliver Peoples' 2011 Campaign at John Lautner's Designed Rainbow House. I dig that dreamy 70s inspired feel. I'm a seventies child ;) Devendra Banhart and his girlfriend are in it...


If Film Makers Directed the Super Bowl

For all of you that think the Super Bowl is just an excuse to gather with friends you haven't seen in a long time to watch some ingenious commercials. What if...
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