My friend Priscilla is an archeologist at Yosemite and takes us on these beautiful explorations of this breathtaking national park. Here are some pictures of our trips there.

On the road...

Cabin nearby Yosemite at Groveland Medow

Entering the park is winter wonderland. I love California's micro climates!

Road trip!


Behind the Scenes of Stop Motion Animated Films

The craftsmanship involved in stop motion animated films, all the little details and all the very specific specialties of the craftsmen collaborating, synchronizing, to bring a story come alive...



Louis Clichy's Perils of Love

I love this French animated short by Louis Clichy. Clichy is an amazing illustrator, art director, animator, storyboarder... he currently works for Pixar and lives in Oakland, CA.


A Brand New Decade!

Happy 2010 Everyone! This is my first post of the new decade in my new blog. I look forward to move old postings from an old blog (eventually) and posting many of my new designs, treasure findings, and new adventures here, but I'm sleepy now...

Love to all.


Living in Fogdome Wonderland

Holga multiple exposure
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