Día de los Muertos

Artists-made altars for the after life being exhibited at Grace Cathedral on Halloween as part of EpiscoDisco, a monthly party hosted by hipster Reverend Bertie Pearson of Grace Cathedral and curated by Paradise Now.


The Finches

I love this band, so sweet.


Alegro Non Troppo

I stumbled upon the 1976 Italian animated film Alegro Non Troppo while working at Braken library's audio visual section twenty years after it being made in 1996. I remember feeling like I had found a great treasure when watching it for the first time. The film animates six pieces of classical music, which is why it's often compared to Disney's Fantasia. But it also fluctuates from color to black and white, and from comedy to tragedy. A classic.


I Heart V. Italia

Always playful and creative conceptual fashion photography in Vogue Italia.
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