California Academy of Science

After reading so much on Metropolis magazine about the design of the new California Academy of Science at Golden Gate Park here in San Francisco, I was really excited to go explore it for a new event they have on Thursday evenings call Night Life. Both, interior and exterior designs are pretty impressive. Here are some pictures I took followed by three great articles from Metropolis on the design, including a slide show with preliminary architectural drawings etc. 

Lots of interactive learning tools

Lots of Dioramas

Roar...  couldn't help it : )


Science party!
Read More about CAS's design:
Green Architectures Grand Experiment
Slide Show
The Moss Room

Zoom-Into El Prado

The Prado Museum has become the first in the world to provide access to and navigation of its collection in Google Earth. Using Google Earth, art historians, students and people everywhere can zoom in on and explore the finer details of the artist’s brushwork that can be easily missed at first glance.


Make Art Not War

I've always loved Shepard Fairey's "Make Art Not War" design. But who doesn't?!

You might also recognize his Obama poster
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