Treasure Island Music Festival

This weekend, after a few sleepless nights studying for midterms, an old peep from the time I spent living in Chicago let me know he was in the Bay Area on business. He's the booking agent of the bands that performed at the Treasure Island Music Festival.
Tom and I on the Ferris Wheel

He gifted me this magically delicious all access pass (thanks Tom!)...
So I got to chat and hang-out with some of the artists backstage and around the VIP section... Woot!

Check out Tom Windish Agency. He's like the indie star of booking agents, and he's also associated with Pitchfork and all of those cool folks I miss from Chi town. Both him and his girlfriend at the time when I lived in Chicago, Kate Simko, were very embracing when we crossed paths at events of the music/art scene there. Chicago is a great city with great people. Here are more pictures and video I took at the festival.

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