Journal Making

I've made tons of hand crafted journals for friends, whether to take on their trips, new moving ventures or just as a memoir of the time we spent together. I wish I had taken pictures of them, they were all beautiful conceptual pieces. Well, it's never too late to start documenting. I don't have as much spare time to make them for friends anymore, but now I make them commissioned for whomever needs a quality handcrafted with love very special journal to document their life, thoughts, travels, art, or just want to have a beautiful piece of art hanging around the house to inspire them or take notes with. Here are a few pics of some recent ones I've made. These are more folky, but I've made other contemporary, illustrated, and in many different styles. I'm good working with concepts. These just kinda have the feel and grasp of my current pacific west coast surroundings. I would love to customize one for you.

The paper I used to bind this one has a beautiful soft velvet detail texture. For the spine I used blue satin. The detail art inside the miniature frame is a subtle gray/silver toned foil embossing of a vintage bicycle. It's perfect! I love to touch it.
This one is customizable to your own art or picture.
Seamless book binding.
Instead of the customary ribbon I made this one with a miniature pin to mark your last page.

This one was was my mock up to get me started in the process of binding again which I hadn't done in a while. I made it entirely out of recyclable materials hanging around the house. I hand made even the paper. The cover picture is a colored pencils drawing of mine that I scaled very small and placed inside a golden paper frame I made as well. I made the center art work pop out of the journal. It's very beautiful. I also did some stenciling and collages in the inside.

I can hand craft a customized one (to your specifications) just for you if you would like. Send me a request!

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