Deer in my Backyard

I'm still in awe at the beauty that surrounds me here in the hills of Berkeley. These beautiful little creatures just roam around my backyard. How awesome is that?!


Hidden City Gardens

hidden city gardens surrounded by poems hanging from trees

mine said:

(((el maravilloso sentimiento de libertad))) "podria hablar (de otras cosas) y la historia seria la misma. la de una flor que necesita seguir en su espacio para no morir, y estas las palabras, las del viajero que debe seguir el mapa que se dibuja con cada paso que da."

picture taken one afternoon at a street in the mission

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Forgotten Chair

© inda liza luciano


Vivienne Westwood

Bought this photo in a magnet for my fridge at the Vivienne Westwood: A Retrospective showing at the deYoung museum until June 10th.

Designer Vivienne Westwood
Great Britain born 1941
'Red jacket with heart', Harris Tweed
Autumn/Winter 198788
Photo by Cindy Palmano

The woman credited for making the punk style of the streets of London pop...
(I'll write more and post pics later). Here's more info in the mean time.
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