New Home

After living a little over a year in San Francisco, I just moved into this cute cottage in the Berkeley Hills in a gorgeous location surrounded by redwoods and an abundance of verdure, yet I can even walk or bike downtown and I'm in San Francisco in a 20 min train ride. Please pinch me, I may be dreaming. I don't know, but I expect to be really happy while I'm here. I hope a lot of very special things happen.

This is the side of the house.

I have a cute picnic table in the front porch where cute creatures like to stop by and say hello.

My room is surrounded by windows with stunning views of nature and the bay.

I wake up to this!

Ladder to the rooftop.

More nature.

View from where I'm arranging one of my desk. That's my neighbor's house. One of the many beautiful hill houses around here.

My new pets!

View of the tool shack.

View of front porch from the kitchen.

Front porch picnic area that will host many of BBQs!
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